8 weeks and Counting

A lot changes in 8 weeks. My new normal has made me realise how incredibly fortunate I am. The people I’ve met through my travel broadcasts and live-streams continue to remind me of the power of being human.  

Most of the guests I Interview are small business owners embracing the transition of the travel industry.   They are not giving up on their dreams. Each one, eager to create their own new normal from an imposed one. A lot of them have never done Livestream Instagram interviews and virtual tours before and were willing to embrace the opportunity. Some have even started selling online tours and experiences. It’s about connection and community.

We are resilient beings with a capacity for embracing growth. That growth comes through community. I’m blessed to have this community of people around me, now even online. I’d encourage everyone to keep their friends and families even closer albeit online. It’s never been easier. Stay safe, stay home. To check out my livestream interviews, please go to www.instagram.com/bridgettleslie1



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