Caribbean Celebrity Chef Jason Peru finds balance of flavours: Food, Music & now Politics

Less than a decade ago, Trinidad and Tobago appointed its first female Prime Minister, Kamla Persad-Bissessar. It’s also been a little less than a decade since Jason Peru created his own journey from culinary school professor to Caribbean celebrity chef fastest.

Describing the former elementary Minister as a warming change to grow the nation’s technology and energy sector as well as its heritage and stabilization fund, Jason is affiliated to her political party, the United National Congress. Clearly a country patriot, he remembers his conservative Caribbean roots, which he says prepared him for his journey so far.

The converse of his bubblin’ star persona today, Jason was a timid toddler. From a young age, he navigated towards creating things rather than receiving ideas that someone else came up with. Born on New Year's Eve, he seemed destined to sit on the brink of something new all the time. If not a new recipe, he formulates new music. Whilst his first love is food, Jason’s second is music and there is an apartment for a third love. Each is a component of the other. When those ingredients mix together, the recipe is perfect.

With over 9 television shows, Jason has known to bubble a tune to the point where one of his producers told him that he should sing his own songs whilst he cooked. The showman was born and he started to dominate the Caribbean’s Indian music scene. His Chutney Soca genre pivots on the use of disintegrated Hindi and English. Blending food with music is one part of the balance for this energetical chef. This year, he’s decided to add in one more ingredient to his flavor-filled career, politics.

“I believe that we are on this earth to add value and enrich each other’s lives. I can inspire and help people to become something greater than they were yesterday; and if one can intrigue, urge or propel another into lifting and accomplishing value for themselves ourselves, imagine what we can do together,” he says.

Using his concrete national business platform and education of food, some of Jason’s ambitions for his local constituency are to create entrepreneurial platforms for young people as well as encourage agricultural sustainability for farmers.

But politics aside, there’s also the 17-year journey into his upcoming events first cookbook launch. The book will be published in 2020. Being a numerology believer, Jason says that the year is exactly aligned and balanced. Recipes and food styling in this book are all done with heart and patience. Readers will enjoy local fusion and international concepts filled with Caribbean flavors and coupled with Chef Jason’s attitude and flair.

In 2020, celebrity chef Jason Peru heads for perfect alignment of launched events: his Cookbook and the beginning of his political career.

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