Easter's significance can not be hidden under Coronavirus

For some, Easter is all about chocolate. For others, it's significantly Christ and about reflection and remembrance. Reflection on sacrifice. Remembrance of hope. For me, it's a powerful duo. Amidst COVID-19, I'm reflecting on my own faith and the sacrifice of millions of healthcare workers around the globe who are putting the hard work to take care of others. But I'm also remembering personal Easter traditions that makeup childhood memories. 

Easter egg treasure hunts with an array of family and friends whilst food preparation took place in the background. This year, it's all dulled down. But, I firmly believe that our traditions ought never to wane but rather be redefined in such a time as this. This week, I'm still honouring our food traditions but it looks a little different. 

With the start of my midweek segment, Healthy Eating with Chef Brad Latchman and weekend live stream travel scapes (all via Instagram), I couldn't be more delighted. Food is the language of tradition and culture. Its been a week since I've started these experiences and I'm not surprised by just how much I've learned from the guests I interview. It's also rewarding to see how many people have joined the Livestream chats. Your comments and questions are what makes the experience a rewarding and entertaining one. Keep them coming!

I've always maintained that RECIPES + COOKING = COMMUNITY. 

Enjoy the Easter Holidays. 

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