Ghanaian Model Ama Sackey: Sharing Her Gift of Beauty on the First Day of Christmas

1st Day of Christmas

 "I allow myself to feel what I'm feeling and remind myself that I am strong."

 Ghanaian born Ama Sackey is a 21-year-old art student, commercial model and video vixen whose Christmas traditions mirror part Ghanaian, part American style. Jose Feliciano's Feliz Navidad echoes vibrantly in the background while traditional dishes like Jollof rice with chicken and fufu with light soup is prepared. The morning is spent at a church service, and after that, it's back home sharing gifts under the tree and eating a very full Christmas Day lunch. It's unusual for models to be that free with food, but weight has never been the issue with Ama. It's her height. 

At 5.5ft, the modelling world labels her as a petite model. This label has been limiting to Ama, who started managing her own modelling career. "They needed someone taller, but I kept on pushing anyways because if this is what I love doing, then I believe nothing should stop me from pursuing it, not even my height." While rejection in the fashion industry is a necessary part of the journey, identity is a self-defined narrative. Putting industry perceptions aside, Ama put her energy into developing a stellar online photography portfolio and worked hard on positioning her own brand in the market. 

The 2015 award winner for the most photogenic female and best dancer in the Western Ghanaian region is a liberating riposte to fashion industry traditions. 'My height isn't a necessity for commercials and headshots," she informs after learning to create her own space. Ama's persistence earned her a first role in commercial modelling in 2015. Since then she's appeared in different projects, always on the lookout for an agency who thinks differently that can represent her. 

 To Ama, self-care is essential. "I allow myself to feel what I'm feeling, and remind myself that I am strong and that when I go through negative things, it's just a phase, and it's temporary." Few people have learned to celebrate the middle of their journey, which is why she has a ritual of deliberately going over her photography and projects and honours what she's accomplished. The committed student has also carved out healthy habits which serves her ambitions well. 

Ama is an avid researcher and can readily spend up to 7 hours a day studying art and modelling concepts and ideas (check her out art on Instragram @sacks_gallery). When she isn't studying or in front of the camera for a modelling job, she's building up her own photography collection. And what about her beauty methods? With naturally flawless skin, she has a skeleton beauty regime. 

Ama's Christmas wish is to pursue breakout roles in acting, music videos and build up a corporate profile while showcasing her own artwork and photography. She's a definitive image statement, a strength that plays to every corporate company wanting to advertise products and sell their brand message. After all, we are enticed by what we see. If we see Ama, we see confidence, poise and distinct beauty. That's a brand winner right there!


PATIENCE Ewusie Mensah

Ama Sackey was a very good hard worker at GPHA as a national sevicees personal .she was a jovial and vary dependable very calm and respectful.i really love her style of living, infact she is a creative and super star.


Work hard and pray.
keep hitting the nail on the head cus you are really going to shine bright, wish you all the best in your exploits

Naa tofi

Ama is a very friendly girl and its always fun talking to her. I love her confidence and her style. She is also creative. Love you!Ama my super model

Beauty Motions

Working with Ama has been the best move ever. She knows what’s good on her , she knows how to pose and where to take photos .
Personally, she’s an epitome of beauty. Very humble , affectionate, cheerful , easy going and amiable. She’s worth a friend and a business partner.

Kobby Sack

Her photos reflect, “a go getter” and a determined soul. She has been like that since our childhood. I bet, the world is not ready for this "LIONESS"💥

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