International Storyteller Georgia Lohan reveals her passion behind Children's Stories

When Romanian beauty, Georgia Lohan, left her hometown of Negresti-Oas near the Ukrainian border, she didn't anticipate the magical ride her imagination would take her on. In this exclusive, inspirational interview, Georgia reveals her passion behind her art.

Once upon a time

I was destined to be a storyteller since my second word after mama was veste (story). My story does not begin with once upon a time. It doesn't finish with I lived happily ever after, because from my point of view, what matters is the climax.

My story’s climax was six years ago when I came to Bucharest because I wanted to follow my dreams. I travelled 600 kilometres and left my hometown to study Italian literature. I was always fond of tales and fantastic stories, but the idea of writing stories myself seemed almost impossible.

I was lucky to be an aunt to Riana and Max, my nephew and niece. They constantly asked me for new stories. So I began creating them myself.

Rafael the Unicorn

I wanted to create an online environment that reminded me of the atmosphere of our grandparents’ homes. I also wanted to share this new space with other parents. At my grandparents home, we sat for hours listening to tales of their Ukranian adventure. Rafael the Unicorn is the hero of my book and will soon have more surprises for children. Until then, I have a special section on my website. “\Tales for the Soul where parents can reveal a colourful, motivational world.

The journey of creating a story

It is well-known that the stories we hear as children shape our real-life world. I try to create heroes that can influence children positively and teach them how to deal with real-life situations.

Most of my heroes come from the Kingdom of Clumsiness, a special place in my imagination! I am sure that most of our readers would love to take a trip there.

As a writer, one of my purposes is to help parents by providing a unique tool of education. Fairy tales offer the young reader or listener a glimpse of a universe that was built on values. It also makes children aware of their own skills. What parents need to know is that a simple story can interrupt a child's reality.

My favourite story

One of my favourite stories, which I used to listen to on a vinyl record, was The Three Little Pigs. I loved the story because it made me realise how important is it to choose the right way, not just the easiest.

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Georgiana-Laura Gheorghe

Georgia’s amazing! She’s a sweet creative determined girl who sets up a good example for everyone. I find her inspiring and understanding. She encouraged me to carry on with my life goals. I like to write poems and short stories and I also like to read and translate children’s literature. I’ve read her website and I love Rafael The Unicorn because it encourages people to be themselves, face their fears, carry on in life, be comfortable with who they are and overcome obstacles with courage. I wish Georgia lots of luck in what she’s doing and to continue to inspire everyone!


Georgiais amazing!


I absolutely love the stories and I constantly read them to my son, although he is only 9 months old. I am really glad that he will get the chance to grow up with them, believe and imagine such wonderful tales. Special thanks to Georgiana

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