Italian Fashion Light Worker Author Talks Fashion.Business.Spirituality


First-time author, Farah Liz Pallaro’s book, Fashion.Business.Spirituality, has been featured in Vogue Arabia, Glamour Italy and The Lifestyle Journal. While some may attribute this success to pure luck, the strength of the core message of this book is undeniable; people, before products and services. 


The book title came to Farah 15 minutes before she sent her manuscript to her editor. “That morning, I meditated 20 minutes and right before the Skype call, I typed those words.” Spirituality is essential for the Italian born author whose family share the same spiritual practices. “I often say that to me, spirituality means common sense. Of course, it is more than that, but at its core, spirituality means to go inward to start a self-discovery process and as a result, live from love and not from fear.”


With ethical fashion and healthier work environments already on the industry’s agenda, Farah’s book is a signpost for fashion industry lightworkers, a term she borrowed from spiritual and self- development industries. “It’s a term I used in my book to define all those fashion professionals who with their actions contribute to creating a positive and ethical environment.” These lightworkers can change how they treat people with their time, value, and respect. But this book also has a mission to change perspective. To assist with this mission and to provide more tools, Farah has recently launched an online platform on her website.


“We desire that our platform is to be a community/academy/magazine that supports fashion professionals to avoid burn out! Every month we will deliver content linked to a specific issue we all struggle within the industry, and we will have the contribution of both professionals from the well-being industry as well as the fashion industry.” 


Light immediately illuminates anything and everything around us. If light is what lightworkers inwardly carry wherever they go, then this book has the potential to expose us to a very fashionable experience of light.


To contact Farah and know more about her latest achievements, visit her website

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