My New Normal is a Livestream Instagram Food and Travel Show

I'm as bewildered as you are. I've never seen anything like this current #coronavirus pandemic. Whilst we all have new normals, the 'new' isn't necessarily welcomed. To some, that new normal meant that they are without jobs, working overtime like medical staff and families whose loved ones have passed away. 

Whilst I can't reason any of this, I know that my new normal means working from home 5 days a week and staying at home 2 days a week. In essence, it's homebound all the way. But I'm not complaining. 

I started Livestream Instagram shows today. My first episode was with @trinicookingwithnatasha. It was an absolute blast. I'll also be starting my mid-week segment this week with @beardedchef_brad, a health and wellness chef. 

I'm giving you one more reason to switch off boredom and switch onto incredible stories from people across the globe. The chefs and cooks, as well as their stories, are priceless. I've done a good few interviews and I'm always in awe of the human spirit. 

My new normal brought in new opportunities. In a world where Google has recorded increased numbers of people researching words like 'hope' and ‘inspiration,’ I hope that my work will do just that, inspire you to hope.

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