The Joys of Connection

I was listening to Novia McDonald Whyte (Jamaica Observer) today on a livestream session, ‘Never Waste A Good Crisis.” First, she knows how to skilfully moderate conversation. Second, the livestream became a personal teaching opportunity. 

At the heart of this crisis right now,  Compassion and Community assails Ego and Selfishness. One of the guests mentioned our capacity to become more compassionate and he genuinely believed that society gets the opportunity right now to do that through this harsh new normal. I’m all signed up to that. There was plenty of great tips for business owners to not waste this crisis. Please reach out to the Jamaican observer and find out how to get a copy of the session.

Nothing matters more to be than to bring compassion into my world right now. I was reminded of that today. I shall continue to be reminded of it again and again. 


P.S. I complained that a 1am livestream (AUSTRALIAN time) on such an important topic is to be treated as pure sin.....Thanks for listening Novia 


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