Trinidad’s Culinary Star Natasha Laggan Shares New Years Ideas and Resolutions

Our country is made up of so many ethnic groups and it showcases the diversity of our foods

 Youtube’s culinary star, Natasha Laggan, is fortunate enough to be born in Central Trinidad. The island boasts a distinct culinary mix of Indian, Spanish and African dishes. There’s little wonder Natasha learned the art of cooking an island mix of cuisine really early. Under the tutelage of her grandmother, Natasha spent lunch and dinner times learning how to cook and experimenting with traditional recipes. Unbeknown to her, she’d eventually use those lessons to teach an online audience all about Trinibagonian cuisine. Whilst cooking is a far cry from her initial desire to become a Meteorologist, Natasha couldn’t be happier and more passionate about her cuisine. “Our country is made up of so many ethnic groups and it showcases the diversity of our foods.” Passionate about her country and cuisine, Natasha kept up her culinary skill by creating and recreating recipes until she married and moved to the United States of America.

With a new community around her, friends started asking for her cooking lessons and recipes. After a list of requests, she decided to record herself on Youtube and use it as a teaching tool for them. But it only took a few videos showcasing easy recipes to garner the kind of attention her cooking and easy teaching methods deserve. “I want the entire world to taste our food and for it to become a household name just like Thai or Chinese.”

Whilst there are rich recipes in the Islander’s toolkit, Natasha offers advice to New Year’s dieters who may be afraid to try her recipes. “Eat small amounts. Have a heavy lunch and a light dinner. Try to cook these recipes using a sparing amount of oil.” There’s really no reason to stay away from great food. With food, taken care of for New Years. Natasha takes me through her celebration party for 2020 New Year.

New Years in the motherland of carnivals is a natural fiesta. “We have ham and homemade Hops bread. There’s also an important good luck and prosperity dish called Black Eye Pelau.” The Laggan’s tend to spend New Years at home surrounded by family, some working on New Years resolutions whilst others continue the party.

Natasha’s resolution is to complete her cookbook and enlarge current brand space with new ideas. With this being her first cookbook, we’re anticipating a festive selection of recipes Trinibagonian recipes. No doubt, the launch will be a worthy celebration for a joyful culinary star.

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